Road Coffee's Rewards Program, Working Your Way Towards Canadian Coffee

Road Coffee's Rewards Program, Working Your Way Towards Canadian Coffee

July 29, 2021

Road Miles. What is it? It is Road Coffee’s rewards program!

There is nothing better than a program that rewards you with points towards free coffee. 

For all of us at Road, it's more than a cup of coffee.

We have learned about the systemic injustices in the coffee industry first-hand from smallholder coffee farmers who know where and how we can make the biggest impact. You can have a hand in helping us impact the lives of coffee farmers

Where to Access Road Miles

To access the road miles, go to the bottom right-hand corner of the screen of the website. There is a mint-coloured box that says, “Road Miles”. If you click that box it will pop up and give you three options:

  1. Become a member
  2. Redeeming options
  3. Referrals

Become a Member

Already a member? All you need to do to access your miles is sign into your account. All that is required to sign in to your account is an email and a password. 

(You would have made when you were signing up for an account)

If you are not yet a member, no worries. The sign-up process is fast and easy. I will walk you through the process: 

  1. Click Join Now 
  2. Fill out the information listed (Name, email, password)
  3. Check the box to subscribe to our newsletter
  4. Click “Sign Up” 

Redeeming Options

Under the heading “Road Miles”, you will be able to access either the option to earn points or the option to redeem points, which are:

  1. Ways to earn
  2. Ways to redeem

Ways to Earn

If you choose “ways to earn” you get free points by:

  • Signup= 200 Road Miles
  • Placing an order= 4 Road Miles for every $1 spent
  • Like us on Facebook for 25 Road Miles
  • Follow us on Instagram for 25 Road Miles

You can get 250 Road Miles just by signing up, liking us on Facebook, and following us on Instagram. Not to mention when you sign up for our emails or like us on socials you are able to stay up to date with our events, new product launches, and news. 

With 250 Road Miles, you are already one-quarter of the way to getting a free bag of coffee.

Ways to Redeem

If you choose “ways to redeem”, you have two options:

  • Free shipping coupon = 1000 Road Miles
  • Order Discount = 50 Road Miles for every $1

What can you buy with Road Miles?

Planning your next adventure and need a brewer to make easy coffee on the go? With 2500 Road Miles you can get yourself a free AeroPress Go. These are great for making coffee while traveling, camping, or on the go. 

Maybe you need a gift for your friend(s), the Adventure Box is a perfect assortment of coffees and you would only need 1000 Road Miles. 


Do you want to share the word about Road Coffee, or maybe you are passionate about helping end predatory lending? Either way, when you refer Road Coffee to a friend, they get a $5 off coupon, and so do you! The awesome part about the referral coupon is that they do not expire.

More than a cup of coffee

If you already love Road Coffee or are trying it for the first time, Road Miles gives you points towards free coffee. Besides, who doesn’t love free coffee?

For all of us at Road, it's more than a cup of coffee. It means with each cup of ours that you drink you are impacting the lives of smallholder coffee farmers and helping them take important steps towards their independence and freedom. Each roast from Road continues to pioneer change in the coffee industry by meticulously crafting and roasting beans from uniquely sourced countries.

Each roast and blend from Road is meticulously chosen and crafted, with innovative roasting techniques we are ensuring we bring you the highest quality coffee. Our coffees are uniquely sourced from around the world and have been hand-picked and chosen just for you. Our commitment to the future of the coffee supply chain and the sustainability and profitability of farmers has led our team to develop our BeyondFair program. Our team is proud to announce the launch of an exciting new campaign called Road to 1006!

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 Author: Natasha Layton