Coffee Farming, It's More Than A Business, It's A Family Tradition

Coffee Farming, It's More Than A Business, It's A Family Tradition

August 03, 2021

Coffee that has been in the family for generations


At Road Coffee, we are passionate about deepening relationships and take pride in ensuring we only serve the best coffee. These are some of the characteristics we look for when partnering with coffee farmers and producers. We innovate new roasting techniques and are always searching for new coffee farmers to partner with to bring our customers the best high-quality coffee!

DBarbosa Coffee

We have partnered with DBarbosa Coffee which is the farm that our Brazil coffee comes from. DBarbosa Coffee is a family of specialty coffee producers and exporters who have a passion for coffee. They are focused on the quality of the coffee beans and take special care and respect for the environment. Direct communication between exporting and final buyers is conducted by DBarbosa Coffee, which is very important to us here at Road.

Generational Coffee

At Road, we take pride in the relationships and connections we form from our coffee farmers to coffee producers. When partnering with DBarbosa Coffee, it was a no-brainer because they showcased the same amount of passion and love for the industry as we do. Coffee production has run in Danilo’s family since the twentieth century. From ancestors to great-grandparents, all the way from his father to him. DBarbosa is a family business and is currently operated by husband, wife, father, son, and daughter in law. It is one big home where everyone supports each other and shares the same dream while growing and learning together. 

Danilo Barbose and Vitor Marcelo Q. Barbosa are the owners and producers of DBarbosa Coffee. Danilo has had lots of success with harvesting crops and as such developed what DBarbosa is today. He began exploring new areas and land in which he acquired. As well as introducing new harvesting techniques to improve their previous methods and increase their quality and productivity. The coffee plantation has grown to be 490 Hectares in size. That is the equivalent of two and a half football fields! The farm operations are run by Danilo, his son, and the quality control team. 

Care for the Environment

Caring for and  protecting the environment is of the utmost importance to Danilo. He takes special care in preserving and caring for nature so much that he has added 186 hectares of the nature reserve. In the future, they want their coffee to become 100% sustainable and currently have plans in place that are helping them work towards this goal. DBarbosa’s mission is to produce sustainable coffee with the highest quality.



Quality Coffee

DBarbosa produces Specialty Coffees with the main priority of producing coffee that is sustainable and of the highest quality. They are continuously testing different methods and procedures on each crop to ensure the best results. They aim to be consistent with every extraction so they know exactly how to get the highest quality coffee from every coffee bean. Their coffee beans are hand-picked and then transported to patios where they lay on suspended beds. This technique was passed down from generation to generation! During the process the coffee beans are very carefully shuffled from time to time, resulting in deliciously sweet coffee beans. Dark chocolate, peach, cherry, and lime are all profiles of the coffee that you may taste when taking a sip. 

Like us at Road, DBarbosa is committed to producing the highest quality coffee beans. They can ensure this through the processes they have set in place. All of their coffees are transported right from their farm to a certified warehouse. They even went as far as creating a traceability program. A team of quality inspectors uses the traceability program to follow up on the coffee once it has been processed at the warehouse. If all is up to standard, the coffee is then prepared to be shipped. The container is loaded and the coffee is sent straight to the port. From farm to cup, roasted by us and brewed by you!

The Road Family

DBarbosa coffee has been in the same family for generations. They are a group of coffee growers and producers who are passionate about the coffee industry. Year after year they have worked at improving their farms and systems to produce the highest quality of coffee. Their attention to detail in the quality of their coffee beans and their respect for the environment is how they can achieve this. At Road, we value humility, passion, and relationships, which is one of the many reasons why we chose to partner and sell DBarbosa Coffee. 

Have you tried our Brazil coffee?


Author: Natasha Layton