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Coffee with morals

From the farmer's hand to your cup and invested back into their land

At Road Coffee, we are passionate about creating positive change in the lives of smallholder coffee farmers. We know where and how we can make the biggest impact, and every day we look for ways to grow. For all of us at Road, it’s more than a cup of coffee. 

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We want to change that, we offer 7% on micro-loans. You have the power to  unshackle these coffee farmers. No more shackles to poverty. Imagine the impact you can make by simply dropping the 0 off the 70%  Join the Road Coffee micro-loan program. coffee


Paying farmers directly

The current models of Fair trade or Direct trade isn’t good enough for us. Although this model may mean the beans are ethically sourced, it still means paying a huge portion to importers and not enough to the people who actually grow and harvest the coffee beans. 

Our BeyondFair® program allows us to bring micro-loans directly to our farmers. This in turn enables them to capture more value, grow their business, and benefit the lives of their family and community. It’s very challenging for coffee farmers in developing countries to access loans, and if they can they often have sky high lending rates of 70%. We are proud to come alongside farmers to help lift them out of poverty.

From poverty to profitability, we’re making waves in the industry by eliminating unnecessary middlemen and increasing farmer profits by meaningful margins. By finding ways to pay our farmers directly, opting instead to empower and pay our farmers a viable living wage, we are allowing them to invest that money back into their farming operation and community.

The Road Less Traveled

Discovering new markets

Through our travels, we’ve learned that some of the best beans are in countries previously untapped. 

Road Coffee was one of the first roasters to source directly from Laos, and we (and our customers!) are so glad we did. The coffee is amazing and the people are passionate. Research and a constant drive for innovation guides our continued search to source from new places, bringing the best coffee from around the world right to you.

“We are proud pioneers as one of the first companies to source directly from Laos. Now Laos coffee is starting to get the attention it deserves internationally.” – Alisha Esmail, Founder, Road Coffee

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Looking Forward

Let's change things up with each bag of Road Coffee

Road Coffee is working toward a future that is sustainable and profitable for everyone. We are devoted to roasting the perfect beans from uniquely sourced countries, and to continue pioneering change in the industry. Our mission is to make BeyondFair® an industry standard and we are proud of the deep relationships we’ve already cultivated at Road Coffee. Paying farmers directly and fairly will change the way coffee is grown, sourced, and sold.