The Zen of Coffee: The Art of Resting and Reviving Beans

The Zen of Coffee: The Art of Resting and Reviving Beans

July 10, 2023

A hidden part of the coffee process that few people know about! 


Today, we dive into the secret ritual known as the "resting" phase, an essential part of the journey from the coffee cherry to your cup of liquid joy. Like a wise old sage, coffee requires time to gather its thoughts and gather energy before moving on to the next phase. So, let us embark on a whimsical exploration of why the resting phase is crucial, particularly for coffees destined for the delightful dry-process!

The Coffee's Quest:

Picture a vibrant coffee farm on a serene hillside, where diligent farmers pluck ripe cherries, each brimming with potential. These cherries undergo a transformation as they leave the branch and continue their voyage towards becoming the precious beans we hold dear. But wait! Coffee, being a diva of sorts, needs a moment to catch its breath, ponder, and rejuvenate before moving forward.

Rest: A Time to Reflect:

Once the coffee cherries are harvested and stripped of their outer layers, they enter the resting phase. This intermission allows the coffee beans to regain equilibrium, both physically and chemically. It's akin to a deep meditation, a time for introspection and the perfect opportunity for the beans to replenish themselves.

The Chemistry of Rest:

During the resting phase, the beans undergo essential changes. Oxygen, like a breath of fresh air, interacts with the beans, causing them to release excess carbon dioxide. This process, known as degassing, is vital to achieving the perfect cup. As the carbon dioxide dissipates, it takes with it any undesirable flavors that might hinder the coffee's true potential.

Furthermore, this period of rest encourages various chemical reactions within the bean. Enzymes break down complex sugars into simpler ones, unlocking delightful flavors that are later released during brewing. In essence, it's like the coffee bean's very own personal growth and maturation phase.

Coffee roaster standing by world best coffee

Dry-Process Delights:

Now, let's focus our attention on the dry-process, a method adored by coffee aficionados for its distinctive flavor profile. In this approach, the beans are dried with their fruity skin intact, amplifying their inherent sweetness and creating unique tasting notes. The resting phase plays an even more crucial role here, as it allows the flavors to harmonize and develop complexity.

As the beans rest, they embrace their newfound freedom from the cherry's embrace. This liberation allows them to soak up the essence of their surroundings, absorbing aromas from the air and adopting intriguing qualities that will later surprise and enchant your palate.

The Perfect Timing:

Ah, dear readers, timing is everything! Determining the optimal duration for coffee to rest is no easy feat. It depends on various factors, including the coffee's origin, altitude, and processing method. Some beans require a shorter reprieve, while others might demand a longer one. Master roasters and baristas, the guardians of coffee's fate, experiment tirelessly to find the sweet spot that unlocks a bean's full potential.

Is this a Snow White situation? or how long does it rest?

The duration of the resting phase at origin, dear coffee enthusiasts, is a topic that often sparks intriguing discussions among coffee producers in different countries. While the exact length of this phase can vary depending on numerous factors, including the coffee's origin, variety, and processing method, it typically ranges from a few weeks to a couple of months. Masterfully balancing the delicate interplay between time and flavor development, coffee farmers and experts carefully monitor and assess the beans during this period, patiently waiting for the optimal moment when the beans have reached their peak potential. It is during this restful slumber that the beans undergo transformative changes, allowing their flavors to evolve, harmonize, and ultimately delight our discerning taste buds.

In Conclusion:

Coffee, like a work of art, demands patience and respect. The resting phase, a period of tranquility and rebirth, is vital in allowing the coffee beans to evolve into the complex and delightful brews we savor. As we embark on our own coffee journey, let us honor the wisdom of the resting phase, appreciating its role in cultivating flavors that dance on our tongues.

So, dear coffee lovers, remember to embrace the moment of rest. Let your coffee breathe, evolve, and find its inner voice. As you take that first sip of a meticulously crafted coffee, you'll understand the magical transformation that occurs during the interlude between picking and roasting. It's a symphony of flavors, a testament to the dedication and craftsmanship involved in the world of coffee.