Are You Passionate About Social Justice?

Are You Passionate About Social Justice?

July 26, 2021

You don’t have to be rich to be a part of social change


Worldwide, there are many causes that need attention, in a multitude of areas. Humanity has made many breakthroughs over time, as more individuals are becoming aware of what social injustices are prominent around the world. 

Recently there has been an increased focus on bringing these injustices to light and resolving them. More now than ever, people are aware of the social injustices taking place around the world and are driven to be a part of the change every day. 

Social justice has been a frequently used term to refer to a number of different injustices throughout the years and we are here to give you an overview of what you can to create change and how to get involved.

Let’s first explore what social justice means and the key principles required to achieve it.


What is social justice?

Social justice means achieving equal rights and equitable opportunities for all individuals, including economic, political and social spheres. Achieving social justice comes down to four main principles:

Human rights

Human rights and social justice cannot exist without each other. A just society will protect and respect an individual’s human rights, a connection that has continuously strengthened. With global recognition of human rights, this connection is essential to keep society’s accountable and just.


Obtaining access to survival essentials like shelter, food, and education is crucial for any just society. Any restrictions to access based on socioeconomic factors like gender, race and class leads to increased suffering for not just the individuals and communities directly affected by the restrictions, but society as a whole. Access to necessities is key to providing equal opportunities.


Achieving social justice is a team effort. Voices and opinions of the marginalized and vulnerable within societies are often silenced if the majority of society isn’t affected by the issues. By encouraging and rewarded participation in conversations about societal change, there will be increased opportunities for those who are traditionally silenced to speak their truth.


Equity is essential to achieving social justice as it takes into account the effects of discrimination and aims for an equal outcome for all involved. 

Picture the popular image of three people looking over a fence, all three with varying heights. Equality would mean that each person receives a box to stand on, while equity means utilizing the resources available to get all individuals onto the same level, even if that means some individuals will have to sacrifice more or not receive any help.

Why is social justice important?

Social justice means that everyone’s human rights are respected and protected, creating equal opportunities for everyone. Through this promotion of fairness and equity across many aspects of modern society, it is continuously eliminating social oppression.

While this doesn’t guarantee a perfect society or life, it does give individuals the boost required that levels the playing field and gives them a fighting chance to create the life they want.

Eliminating systemic obstacles and discrimination will eliminate the external factors restricting individual and societal growth, levelling the playing field for all individuals.

Current global movements for social justice emphasize breaking down the barriers around social mobility, creating safety nets for individuals and fighting economic inequality.

Access to necessities is something that we often take for granted in North America, as it is not something that is a prominent issue for the majority of the population. However, some countries and communities do not have access to adequate food supplies, shelter or clean water. 

Working to allow those affected individuals access to necessities such as these is a critical issue for any individual and is one of prominence within the coffee production industry.

How can you get involved?

There are many different ways to get involved with combatting social injustices. 

The first? Educate yourself! Start researching injustices of the world and see what information is available. Look within your community to see if there are organizations established to bring awareness to and combat that injustice.

When it is permitted, attend demonstrations and protests! This is a great way to bring widespread awareness to that injustice and you will likely meet people with a similar mindset. 

Use the power of social media! Social media platforms are powerful tools for sharing messages with large audiences, all from your fingertips. Tell your story about how you became involved and share call-to-actions to get other people involved.

Invest whatever you can (responsibly)! Cause-oriented organizations need financial support to be successful and would appreciate your support! Before investing, research the platform and cause they are combatting. This will help to solidify your decision and likely provide more information about the social injustice!

Author Jordan Calladine