Hario V60 Filters


40 pack of the white bleached V60 paper filters. Gives you a sediment free clean cup of coffee.

As with any paper filter, ensure that you rinse through with boiling water first to remove any remaining paper taste. These filters are bleached white.

Paper filters are tightly woven and absorbent, filtering out most of the oils and micro-grounds. This is a good and a bad thing.

What's the deal with paper filters?

Highlights of using Paper Filters 

  • Flavor Profile: light, crisp, bright, clean
  • Cleanup: quick, convenient

The absence of oils and micro-grounds produces a thinner, more approachable drink that’s free of sediment. The lack of microscopic grounds tends to make the acids seem more pronounced and strong.

Paper filters used to be the most common coffee filters because people generally drank bad coffee, however Road Coffee is richly flavorful and balanced coffee, roasted in a modern way to bring our the best flavours of each coffee. 

As far as cleanup goes, paper filters are extremely easy. You simply drop the entire filter, coffee