Hario V60-02 Ceramic


Arguably the most popular manual brew method over the past decade.

The Hario V60 is a newer twist on the classic Melitta cones. There are as many opinions on brew method as there are baristas but, once you have found your favourite, this is one of cheapest and most effective ways to make great coffee at home.

This method, paired with the appropriate filters, is ideal for making single cups of coffee directly into the mug - you can make up to 16oz in one brew. It's simple to use, easy to clean and, all you need is some freshly roasted Road Coffee to pair with it! 

Why we love the V60 brewing method?

The name comes from the shape of the equipment. It is “V” shaped with angles of 60 degrees. The internal sides also have interior ridges which help with air flow during the brewing method. Filter paper is inserted into the V shape and coffee grounds placed within the filter paper. The brewed coffee then drips into your cup, delivering a great coffee.

The shape, design and materials used to create the Hario V60 have been utilized to help offer more flavour in your cup! The V60 offers a solution for any budget and are designed more to suit the traveling barista, rather than favouring heat retention.

Highlights of Pour Over brewing

  • Clean, crisp, distinct flavours 
  • Easy clean up
  • Total control over brewing variable

Our favorite Road Coffee's on Pour over

  • Costa Rica 
  • Mixtape Blend 
  • Peru 

Grab a V60 and enjoy barista quality coffee anywhere, in the office, at the lake even in the comfort of your own home ;)