Empowerment in Every Cup

Unleash the bold and empowering flavors of Fierce, a premium coffee blend sourced from three fully female supply chains in Costa Rica, Peru, and Kenya. Fierce is not just a coffee; it’s a movement, a testament to the strength and resilience of women who are transforming the coffee industry.

Why Choose Fierce?

  • Empowered Origins: Fierce is a tribute to the incredible women who, despite owning less than 10% of export licenses in the coffee sector, are vital to the supply chain. By choosing Fierce, you support these trailblazing farmers who are paving the way for future generations.

  • Distinctive Flavors: Indulge in a rich and dynamic blend that brings together the unique flavors from the fertile lands of Costa Rica, the high-altitude regions of Peru, and the lush terrains of Kenya. Each region adds its signature notes, creating a harmonious and vibrant coffee experience.

Our Commitment to Change

At Road Coffee, we uphold our ESG Commitment #5: Cultivate change in systems and processes for women in coffee to gain supply chain access, market share, and powerful roles. We believe in transforming the coffee industry by ensuring that women have the resources and opportunities to thrive. This blend is a direct result of our dedication to creating equitable systems that empower women.

The Ripple Effect

Investing in women creates a powerful ripple effect. When women succeed, they invest in their families and uplift their entire communities. By supporting Fierce, you are contributing to a positive cycle of growth, sustainability, and empowerment that extends far beyond the coffee cup.

Partnership with YWCA

We are proud to partner with the YWCA to further our mission of empowerment. For the next three months, a portion of the proceeds from every bag of Fierce sold will support the YWCA Hope Lives Here Campaign. This initiative aims to provide essential services and support to women and families in need, reinforcing our commitment to fostering strong, thriving communities.

"Your generosity will multiply impact beyond measure, creating more than just a safe space to house women and children: it will give women the time and support needed to stabilize, to empower and to rebuild."

Experience Fierce

Join us in celebrating the strength, courage, and excellence of women in coffee. With every sip of Fierce, you partake in a story of transformation and empowerment. Taste the difference that comes from supporting women who are not just coffee farmers, but community leaders and change-makers.

Embrace the power of women with Fierce – where every cup is a testament to resilience and a catalyst for change.

Subscriptions - Never miss a cup! 

The best feeling than getting a surprise in the mail! For every coffee lover, there’s no better feeling than getting your favorite coffee delivered straight to your doorstep.

How to set up a subscription?
  1. Select coffee, grind and number of bags
  2. Select frequency
  3. After you checkout check your email to manage your subscription 
*Cancel subscription anytime 

Freshness Guaranteed. All subscriptions are freshly roasted on demand. This means your coffee is shipped within a few days of it being roasted. This allows for you or your guest to enjoy fresh roasted coffee delivered right to their door! 

Join the best Canadian coffee subscription and help us create a more economical and environmental sustainable supply chain with our BeyondFair and Micro-loan program.

When you choose Road Coffee you:
  • Enjoy hand picked quality coffee
  • invest in farmers through micro-loans
  • Help farmers grow their business and impact their communities 

Each cup of our coffee impacts families of smallholder coffee farmers and takes important steps towards their independence and freedom.