Peru - Our first Micro-loan coffee

This coffee is complex and wildly delicious! It's bright flavours are paired with vanilla and chocolate, making it the perfect pairing. Imagine a piece of black forest cake topped with fresh cherries. 

Tied to our micro-loan program, this coffee has been handcrafted and has a story of it's own. Road Coffee worked with COOP Peru to help some coffee farmers purchase fermentation tanks to improve the quality of their coffee. With these tanks along with an educational process, the farmers were able to improve the quality of this coffee by 5 points on the speciality coffee scale. This coffee is delicious and we can't wait for you to try it! 

We are proud to introduce out first micro-loan coffee. Moving coffee farmer's into independence and freedom. It's difficult for coffee farmers to access finances, and we're working on changing that - one bag at a time!

  • Taste: Chocolate, cherry, vanilla, complex flavours 
  • Roast: Light/medium
  • Origin: Peru 
  • Process: natural/washed 

Subscriptions - Never miss a cup! 

The best feeling than getting a surprise in the mail! For every coffee lover, there’s no better feeling than getting your favorite coffee delivered straight to your doorstep.

How to set up a subscription?
  1. Select coffee, grind and number of bags
  2. Select frequency
  3. After you checkout check your email to manage your subscription 
*Cancel subscription anytime 

Freshness Guaranteed. All subscriptions are freshly roasted on demand. This means your coffee is shipped within a few days of it being roasted. This allows for you or your guest to enjoy fresh roasted coffee delivered right to their door! 

Enjoy the best coffee subscription in Canada!

When you choose Road Coffee you:
  • Enjoy hand picked quality coffee
  • invest in farmers through micro-loans
  • Help farmers grow their business and impact their communities 

Each cup of our coffee impacts families of smallholder coffee farmers and takes important steps towards their independence and freedom. 

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