Asphalt KCups


Road Coffee's speciality coffee K-Cup® pods are made with 100% BeyondFair sourced from a farmer's hand to your cup.  With each cup we are ending predatory lending for coffee farmers! 


This coffee is not your typical dark roast. Bold, full-bodied and smooth like a jazz band in a dimly lit bar; if dark is what you're looking for this coffee will not disappoint. Asphalt is the best dark roast coffee around, and will leave you wanting more. 

  • Taste: Dark Chocolate, Hazelnut, Full Body, Smooth
  • Roast: Dark
  • Origin: Brazil
  • Process: Natural
When you choose Road Coffee you:
  • Enjoy hand picked quality coffee
  • invest in farmers through micro-loans
  • Help farmers grow their business and impact their communities 

Each cup of our coffee impacts families of smallholder coffee farmers and takes important steps towards their independence and freedom.