My Origin Story

My Origin Story

September 25, 2020

How I got into the world of coffee

(and will never look back!)


My name is Sarah, and I’m stoked to share with you my “origin story”, or how I got into the world of coffee. Part of what I’ve loved about working for Road Coffee Co. is learning more about the origin stories of our many coffees, although my story doesn’t include the international journey that many of our beans have had!

Growing up, my mornings were anchored with steady rituals amidst the hustle & bustle of getting out the door- my Dad’s morning black cup of coffee was a constant no matter how tight on time we were or what the weather was like. For myself, I was a “late bloomer” in the realm of coffee. Other than a few grimacing sips from my Dad’s mug every once and awhile, during high school I warmed up to coffee through iced cappuccinos in the summer and sweet chocolatey mochas in the wintertime. When I moved to Vancouver for university, coffee seemed to open up into a world of trendy cafes and elegant sounding beverages (that I didn’t really understand but desperately wanted to!). Like so many tired students, I definitely felt my wallet cringing with all the fancy caffeinated drinks- especially from the cafes that gave out 2 hour WiFi passes with every purchase, one solid essay writing sesh = 4+ lattes…

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After the reality of budgeting set in for friends and I, we were looking for more finance-friendly options to satisfy our caffeine cravings. I loved the cozy warmth of cafes with the perfectly curated set of tunes crooning in the background- what better spot to study, read, or (best of all) catch up with a close friend. It was certainly daunting, but I spent the next few years trying to recreate everything I love about cafes at home- the delicious coffee, the good vibes… although my playlists could still use some work! I’ve found that with some real basic equipment (we’re talking student budget stuff) I can enjoy cafe-quality drinks at home OR on the road and my budget has thanked me for it! 

Coffee has also played a role in my love life- making specialty coffee was how I started flirting with my now-husband! While we were both working at a youth summer camp, I was learning how to pull espresso and steam milk with the equipment on site. It wasn’t till another co-worker commented with a smirk that my then-friend realized I didn’t offer to make lattes nearly as often for anyone else as I did for him. 3 years later, I still find making coffee a meaningful way to show I care! 

Although coffee continued to be one of my favourite ways to connect with friends or express hospitality with loved one, it became more complicated in recent years. Like many others, I’ve been gaining awareness for how difficult it can be to reflect my values through my purchases. Books, documentaries, and online educators opened my eyes to just how unjust and exploitative business practices can be for those directly involved in producing some of the daily products I appreciate the most- like coffee. I want to be able to caffeinate & share quality coffee with my community in ways that are good to the land and the producers as well! 



While on the lookout for a part-time job last April, I discovered Road Coffee Co. Hearing Alisha’s origin story of what got her into the world of coffee, I was blown away by the changes she was making in partnership with farmers, producers, and consumers to impact the coffee industry. And who wouldn’t be stoked to work up close with an inspiring award-winning female entrepreneur?! I’ve loved being a part of Road Coffee Co. A major perk is bringing home phenomenal coffee; I really value knowing the impact it’s having in my local community and with international farmers and producers. 

Thanks for this opportunity to introduce myself! Stay tuned for future posts- I’ll share my budget-friendly home set up, some favourite recipes that incorporate or pair well with coffee, my fave coffee tips, and some stories from both extraordinary and mundane moments.

Author - Sarah Warman Morton