Little Known Ways to Make Coffee Quietly Without Waking Up the House!

Little Known Ways to Make Coffee Quietly Without Waking Up the House!

May 12, 2021

Best ways to grind and brew your coffee with minimal noise!

Do you often find yourself searching for a way to make a delicious cup of coffee without waking up the people in the house? 

A cup of coffee in the morning can be a requirement for many people to start the day but let’s face it, it’s not the quietest activity to do in the kitchen.

From grinding your coffee beans to the occasionally loud automatic brewer, sometimes making that delicious cup of morning goodness has negative consequences when it comes to waking people up.

We’ve compiled the best ways for you to still brew a great cup of high-quality specialty coffee with minimal noise so that you get to enjoy your morning coffee and the children stay asleep for a bit longer!

Let’s start with the most important part – your coffee beans! 


  1. Pre-grind your coffee beans the night before

If you know what coffee you want for the next morning and how much coffee you want to brew, pre-grind your coffee beans the night before.

Measure out how many tablespoons of coffee you’ll need and grind it to the correct grind for your favourite brew method.

It will save you time (and noise) in the morning!

Road Tip: Store your freshly ground coffee in an airtight and lightproof container. This will keep your coffee fresher longer, prolonging the delicious coffee flavours and aromas for your enjoyment!


  1. Buy pre-ground coffee grinds

Most coffee companies will offer both a whole bean and pre-ground option.

At Road, we offer both of these options in all of our roasts, in both our single purchase and coffee subscription options. 

Purchasing pre-ground coffee allows you to skip the coffee grinding step and just measure out the coffee into your brewer each morning.


Next up is choosing the best brew method for you:

  1. AeroPress

The Aeropress is the quickest brew method out there and is handy for anyone in a time crunch!

An AeroPress brews a consistently clean cup of coffee in just over a minute. Plus, there is virtually no clean-up required as this brewer is designed to self-clean as the plunger is pressed down – making this the quickest brewer and easiest to clean.

The AeroPress and the newer AeroPress Go make this brew method perfect to take with you anywhere in the world, even to the next afternoon play date!


  1. French Press

While it is impossible to compare a French Press and an AeroPress, the ease of use between the two is very similar.

This reliable method results in a rich, full-bodied cup of coffee, with minimal preparation time! 

The coffee finishes brewing in four minutes, giving you time to complete any other smaller tasks that you might have to do that day.

Maintenance for the French Press is easy. Simply dispose of your coffee grinds and wash your press. Dry both the chamber and plunger upside down so that it is ready to satisfy your next coffee craving!


  1. Drip Coffee

Thanks to the 1st wave of coffee, electric drip coffee makers have become a common appliance in many homes.

Coffee drinkers have been drawn to the ease of drip coffee due to its usage of disposable paper filters. This allowed coffee drinkers to brew coffee more frequently and automatically, without much setup of their own.

Rather, the coffee grinds are placed into the coffee filter with the desired amount of water for the pot and the user can simply walk away from the machine and it’ll brew. This brewing method became so popular that it virtually erased the use of percolators after the 1970s.


Regardless of which method you choose, crafting the best cup of coffee for you is what matters most. Reach out to the Road Coffee team at or on social media @roadcoffee with any questions or comments about which coffee roast or method would be the right fit for you!


Author Jordan Calladine