Introducing Your New Favourite Travel Buddy!

Introducing Your New Favourite Travel Buddy!

August 03, 2021

Drink delicious Canadian coffee on the go!


Whether it’s a morning ritual or a caffeine addiction, there is nothing better than a delicious cup of fresh coffee in the morning. When you are pressed for time with no other option than a fast-food drive-thru coffee, sure, it does the trick. But nothing is better than a delicious cup of high-quality coffee. No matter where you are traveling, making yourself a good-tasting cup of coffee should not be hard. Plus, let’s face it, most of us cannot live without a cup of coffee in the morning. Whether you are backpacking across the country, camping on the side of a mountain, at the lake, or simply enjoying a staycation, a delicious cup of coffee should not be hard to do. There are multiple options for roasting coffee, but I am going to show you one of the easiest ways to brew coffee while on the go.


Traveling after the pandemic

I am sure we all miss traveling, and while the pandemic has momentarily postponed traveling, it has shifted our focus onto other things. As we start to see the world open up and slowly return to normal, we get excited thinking about all the adventures we can begin going on again! With travel beginning to resume, we want to prepare you with all your brewing needs so you don’t miss out on an opportunity to drink delicious coffee anywhere! There is nothing worse than waking up super early to start your day and having a bad cup of coffee. Whether you’re hiking, camping, traveling the world, or simply at the lake, your morning cup of coffee doesn’t have to suck! At Road Coffee, we not only have delicious coffee but the perfect brewing equipment so you can make coffee anywhere.


The tools to make a delicious cup of coffee

We want to set you up with a compact and efficient coffee brewer, so you no longer have to worry about drinking bad coffee again. The AeroPress or newer AeroPress Go makes brewing coffee easy and fast. The only main difference between the AeroPress and the AeroPress Go is the case which is designed to double as a mug while packing away nicely. While the AeroPress Go is a popular choice amongst outdoor adventure enthusiasts, it has been made with ease for anyone new to this type of brewing method. The AeroPress Go is made with travelers in mind but has transformed into a more user-friendly model for everyone. It is light, easily durable, is self-cleaning, and brews you a cup of coffee in just over a minute. 


What you will need

The clever design of the AeroPress Go lets you make a delicious morning cup of coffee with ease. All that is required are these three things:

  • AeroPress/AeroPress Go
  • Disposable Filters
  • Pre-ground coffee (we recommend Road Coffee


How to use it

In a few simple steps, you will have a perfectly delicious cup of coffee in about one minute! Follow these steps to deliciousness:

  1.  Push plunger out of the chamber
  2. Put a filter in the cap
  3. Twist the filter cap to fit onto the chamber
  4. Choose a mug that allows the chamber to sit sturdily
  5. Pour one rounded scoop of fine ground coffee in the chamber
  6. Shake chamber to level the coffee
  7. Heat water in a kettle at 175 *F (80*C) 
  8. Pour water into chamber up to Level 1
  9. Stir for about 10 seconds
  10. Insert the plunger into the chamber and press down gently, pausing when you feel resistance, pushing until the plunger reaches the grounds
  11. Remove filter cap, push the plunger to eject the used coffee grounds into the garbage, and rinse

Depending on how strong you like your coffee, you may have to add some more hot water to your cup. Once you have added enough water to your desired taste, feel free to add milk, milk alternatives, sugars, or anything else you enjoy! For more information or tips and tricks on how to brew the best AeroPress coffee check out this article.

Traveling Coffee

Now that we have prepared you with the proper equipment and steps to achieve a delicious cup of coffee using the AeroPress, you will never have to compromise a good cup of coffee again! You can enjoy a great-tasting cup of coffee while at the lake or backpacking across the world. Whether you are brewing espresso beans or a Colombia roast, any kind of coffee works in the AeroPress. With an AeroPress, you not only have a high-quality cup of coffee but the solution to delicious canadian coffee anywhere. Not to mention it makes the perfect travel buddy no more bad music on repeat or running out of snacks!


Let us know what adventures you take your AeroPress Go on!


Author: Natasha Layton