10 Ways to Get Rid of Your Used Coffee Grounds

10 Ways to Get Rid of Your Used Coffee Grounds

June 28, 2021

See how easily you can dispose of those coffee grinds!


Are you someone who feels guilty putting your used coffee grinds down the drain, but you don’t know how else to get rid of them? You are not alone!

While they produce delicious cups of coffee, getting rid of coffee grounds can be a true hassle.

Coffee grounds can be used to minimize odours, used as fertilizer in your summer garden and more! Check out our top 10 suggested tips for getting the most of out your coffee grinds. 


  1. Coffee grounds as a fertilizer.

Coffee grinds are fully compostable and can help to keep your plants happy. Coffee grounds contain several key nutrients that a healthy plant requires – including nitrogen, calcium, potassium and iron.

To use coffee grounds in your soil, simply sprinkle them on the area surrounding your plants. This will help to attract worms to the area and decrease heavy metal concentrations in the soil. 


  1. Coffee grounds in your compost.

If adding fertilizer to your garden isn’t at the top of your priority list, you can compost your coffee grounds. Adding coffee grounds to your compost and garden can significantly improve the health of your plants!

Adding coffee grounds to soil enhances the soils’ ability to retain water, helping them to thrive and survive. 

Road Tip: Include other compostable kitchen and household waste, including grass clippings, leaves, newspaper, eggshells, fruit and vegetable trimmings.


  1. Coffee grounds as an odour neutralizer.

Not only will you be getting rid of your used coffee grinds quickly, but you’ll also be minimizing the smell of your trash.

Coffee grounds are natural odour absorbers and can quickly eliminate any smells. If you are active in the kitchen, we recommend keeping some coffee grounds close by for after chopping garlic or onions, the grounds will help remove the smell from your hands! 

Try spreading coffee grounds out on a cookie sheet and allow them to dry. Put the dry grounds into a bowl in the freezer to neutralize the odours and use them wherever you need.

Road Trip: Fill an old sock with coffee grounds and tie it to help neutralize odours in less convenient places. Put this into your car, your gym shoes, garage or anywhere else that could use some deodorizing.


  1. Coffee grounds as a natural cleaning scrub.

If you avoid cleaning with chemicals, give this a try!

Coffee grounds’ abrasive nature allows them to effectively remove buildup on hard-to-clean surfaces. Whether it be on sinks, grills, barbecues, pots and pans, or countertops, coffee grounds will help loosen up the debris.

Road Tip: Avoid using them on any porous or light-coloured material, as they can cause brown stains.


  1. Coffee grounds in your fireplace.

Coffee grounds are helpful when it's time to clean your fireplace!

Scatter coffee grounds over the ashes to weigh them down and prevent smoke clouds from forming while moving them. Not only does this make the fireplace easier to clean and remove, but it also minimizes the amount of dust that travels to other areas of the house.


  1. Coffee grounds to tenderize your favourite meat. 

Calling all grill masters and coffee lovers alike! We have the tip for you.

Add coffee grounds to your meat to help them tenderize. The natural acids and enzymes in coffee are a natural meat tenderizer and can enhance the flavour of the meat.

How to use this? Simply add used coffee grounds into your favourite dry-rub recipe and apply it to the meat two hours before cooking. The grounds will create a dark, crispy crust once cooked. 


  1. Coffee grounds as an insect and pest repellent. 

While coffee and caffeine are delicious to humans, it is highly toxic to insects. 

Whether it be mosquitos in your backyard or fruit flies around the front porch, simply put bowls of grounds around the area or sprinkle them around the seating area. 

Road Tip: Coffee grounds will help keep pests out of your garden. Another reason to add them to your gardens this summer!


  1. Coffee grounds to remove fleas.

Similar to how it repels pests, coffee grounds can be used to remove fleas from your pet’s fur.

To use this natural treatment, rub the grounds throughout our pet’s hair after shampooing. Rinse them out and then allow your pet to dry. Bonus: your dog’s fur will feel silky smooth after!

It is important to note that coffee grounds can be toxic to dogs if ingested, so only use them externally.


  1. Coffee grounds to repair furniture scratches.

Got a pesky scuff or scratch on your favourite furniture? Give this a go!

Mix a tablespoon of coffee grounds with a teaspoon of olive oil. Use a cotton swab or cotton ball to apply the mixture to the mark, then wipe it dry.

Road Tip: Test this idea on an inconspicuous area before using it on your favourite furniture to ensure that it will successfully repair the scuff. 


  1. Coffee grounds to trap cockroaches.

Do you have some cockroaches that you can’t get rid of?

Fill a can or jar (either work) with up to two inches of moistened coffee grounds. Line the neck of the container with extra-sticky double-sided tape. Cockroaches are drawn to the scent of coffee and will hopefully get trapped by the tape.


Save your kitchen drain and try out some (or all) of these tips for used coffee grounds. Send us a message at info@roadcoffeeco.com or on social media @roadcoffee and let us know how they worked for you. We love hearing our friends’ success stories!


Author Jordan Calladine