Colombia 2lb


Like a white t-shirt, this coffee is essential. Pick up this medium roast coffee that everyone will love! Our Colombian roast is juicy, and full bodied, berry forward. This very lively and enjoyable roast is great to start with. This medium roast coffee will tantalize your tastebuds and quickly have you hooked on Road Coffee!

  • Taste: caramel, fruity brightness, and perfectly balanced 
  • Roast: Medium
  • Origin: Colombia
  • Process: Washed

Recommended brewing method: Aeropress, Drip or French Press.

Check out our how to use french press or Aeropress instructions here. Download the brewing instructions and use them anytime! 

For a similar delicious taste without the jitters, try out Colombian decaf coffee!

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How to set up a subscription?
  1. Select coffee, grind and number of bags
  2. Select frequency
  3. After you checkout check your email to manage your subscription 

 We believe in our brew so much we give you the option to cancel at any time! 

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