Timemore French Press


Timemore Little U French Press – Black or White

A simple and modern take on the French Press, TIMEMORE's Small U French Press has everything you need. Made out of quality heat resistant glass with a fine mesh stainless steel filter, a protective plastic sleeve helps keep your coffee hot and stop you from burning your hand.

With a 450ml (15oz) capacity, you can make enough coffee for two or just one big cup!

  • Matt Black or Glass
  • Capacity: 450ml (15oz)
  • Heat resistant borosilicate glass
  • 0.35mm high density stainless steel filter mesh
  • Polypropylene Insulating Sleeve
  • Food Grade Silicone
  • Easy to clean

Check out our brew guide page for french press brewing instructions! 

Highlights of this brewing method 

  • Ease of use 
  • Full body, all oils included 
  • Consistent cup 

So the story goes... 

Coffee lore has it that upon realizing he forgot to add coffee grounds to his boiling water, the Frenchman bored a piece of metal screen from a Italian merchant passing by. Intending to separate the coffee grounds from the coffee and expecting something terrible, both men were said to be pleasantly surprised with the delicious coffee that resulted! 

Learn more about the history and what to do with your coffee grounds after you use them in our article How to make coffee in a French Press