From the farmer's hands to your cup

Hand picked, quality roasted

Great coffee starts with the highest quality, hand picked green beans. Each 150lb burlap sack of beans represents countless hours of labour and care from our amazing, dedicated farmers around the world. We love meeting our coffee farmers in person, these deep connections provide us with even more motivation to share our coffee across Canada.

Each region and variety is unique and this is our chance to celebrate the far off lands from which this beloved bean travelled. As a coffee roaster, our job is to bring coffee into that last stage before it is brewed for serving. It’s a pivotal part of the journey, where we bring out the best flavours from each coffee by discovering the perfect roast for each variety of bean we work with. 

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Our passion for coffee goes beyond the cup

We pride ourselves in having a relentless attitude towards innovation. Always ensuring we make the biggest impact by providing the best coffee in the world to our Canadian coffee lovers, all while empowering farmers through deep and transparent relationships that goes beyond Fair Trade

We’ve made it our mission to become an influential innovator in the coffee culture, known for our focus on relationships, intention, and inspiring people to pursue their dreams. We love our community near and far! From deep relationships with farmers, to strong community ties in our hometown of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.  If you love coffee and community too, we’d love to meet you!  

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Swiss Chocolate, Pineapple, Brown Sugar

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Juicy, Sweet, Citrus, Cocoa, Round Body

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Caramel, Roasted Almond, Honey, Smooth

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Caramel, Fruity Brightness, Balanced

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